My Major Arcana

I am not a tarotist or a proponent of the Tarot. I am a visual artist and from this place, the series of My Major Arcana was born. As personal and artistic journey.

A couple of years ago, I began to study Cabala with teacher Ortelio Alberto Roque and later with Letisa Roque at E.F.E.S.O (Escuela de Filosofía Esotérica) in Miami, Florida. By studying the energies of the Hebrew characters, I learned that each of them corresponded to one of the Major Arcana of the Tarot. This strongly inspired me to create a graphic piece of them with their corresponding Hebrew character.

I must say that it was extensive and intensive work that took a great amount of research in an area that was completely unknown to me until that moment. In this process, my teachers Roque (already transcended to a higher plane) y Letisa, provided me with all the support, information and materials necessary for my studies. My most sincere thanks go to them.

In my images, you won’t find a reproduction of other Tarots. This work represents my personal interpretation of the Arcana. I considered this artistic project an exploration of archetypes and symbols. The Arcana are a guide, an inspiration to advance wisely towards our wellbeing as we get to know ourselves better.

I hope you can connect with them in an intuitive and subjective way. Each of them has a message for us, a moment in our spiritual evolution. To get to the end does not mean that we have reached enlightenment, only that we are to begin the cycle again and continue learning.

I have attached a short summary of the symbolism of each of the Arcana. You can individually inform yourselves further if you feel motivated or influenced by each of them.

Thank you.
Liliana Gerardi