Liliana Gerardi was born in Mendoza, Argentina. She has a Bachelor Degree in Fine Arts from the Universidad Nacional de Cuyo, with a Major in Printmaking.

Since 1990 she participated in solo and group exhibitions in Argentina, United States, Mexico, Panama, Brazil, Spain, Belgium, France, Italy, The United Kingdom, Australia, China, Japan and Egypt.

Since 2000 she resides in United States. With a strong commitment to spread engraving techniques, she spends part of her time giving workshops in museums, galleries, Art Centers in Florida.

"My art work ranges from symbolic to abstract. I am inspired by nature, its textures, lines and its strength, as well as art with spiritual significance like primitive art, aboriginal art and that of Klee or Kandinsky.

I work intuitively without previous sketches, allowing myself to be overtaken by the line, the wood’s pattern or the texture of the paper.

I like curved lines, free as flowing water; the circles that appear in my art work are energy generators." - LG

She currently has her studio in Orlando, Florida where still working and teaching.

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